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June 16, 2005

Student Achievement Data from May, 2005

Our school mission is to maximize student achievement in a culture of caring. Mabry Middle School has a rich tradition of academic excellence spanning more than 25 years. Our students are successful because students, parents, and teachers partner together to ensure academic success.

The Georgia CRCTs, a criterion reference test based on the state curriculum, are one of the more important measures of student academic success in middle school. Mabry students do very well on these tests.

To read the charts more easily, click on any of the charts below to have them enlarge in a new window.

A score of 300 is considered "On Grade Level." A score of 350 or higher is considered "Above Grade Level."

2005 Crct.001-7 2005 Crct.002-3 2005 Crct.003-1
2005 Crct1A.002-2 2005 Crct2A.004-1 2005 Crct3A.006-1

The Georgia Writing Assessment is given to every 8th grade student in the state. Mabry students score very well on this measure of writing skill.

2005 Data 001 2005 Data 002-2 2005 Data 003-2

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