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June 17, 2005

Technology Partnerships

The Annual Mabry Film Festival is the highlight of the school year, a time when students are bursting with the excitement of showing off their work and hoping to win an Apple iBook computer. About 1,000 people attend this formal-attire event replete with the spot lights in the sky and the red carpet entrance. Oscar-like trophies are awarded in categories like Best Picture, Best Cinematography, etc. Pre-event parties are held in the covered play area by each movie-making team.

We have been successful in keeping tickets for this event at a minimal charge so as many students as possible can attend this huge celebration. Help Mabry promote and support the Annual Mabry Film Festival event while also increasing student access to technology at school. Join one of the groups below. While membership has its privileges, your tax deductible contribution will benefit our students!

Actor’s Guild – Donations from $25

Director's Chair -Donations from $100

Producer's Portfolio -Donations from $250

Critic's Choice -Donations from $500

Mabry iMovie Academy -Donations from $1000

*The same trophy facsimile awarded each category.

Mabry's Technology Wish List Items

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