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June 02, 2005

The Written History of Mabry Middle School

Mabry Middle School opened in November of 1978 after many construction delays. The students began school in August of 1978 attending Walton High School from 1:00 – 5:30 PM each day. (The Walton building could not accommodate both high school students and middle schools students at the same time!) After the Thanksgiving holiday, the students began attendance at the new, beautiful, and state of the art middle school. This original design supported the middle school philosophy of a team approach.

Mabry Middle School was named after Robert Watson Mabry. Mr. Mabry was born in 1795 in Virginia. In the early 1800’s he moved to Washington-Wilkes County, Georgia, where he was a plantation overseer and schoolmaster at the Select School for Girls. In 1833 Mr. Mabry drew land in the Cherokee Lottery and moved his family by covered wagon to the newly created Cobb County. Their first night in Cobb County was spent beside Mabry Rock located on what is presently called Woodstock Road. Shortly after their arrival in Cobb County, Mr. Mabry and his wife worked together and built a log cabin, raised four children, and were instrumental in building community. This was to be the Mabry home for the remainder of the Mr. and Mrs. Mabry’s lives. The descendants of Robert Watson Mabry’s family still refer to him as a Schoolmaster, Planter, Gentleman, and especially a Pioneer Cobb County Settler.

We are pleased that one of current teachers, Mrs. Julie Stephens is in fact a direct descendant of Mr. Robert Watson Mabry! In her staff biography she speaks briefly of her family. She and her family still live on part of the original family farm!

At present, the philosophy has not changed for Mabry. The school still believes in a team approach to meet the needs of early adolescent students similar to Mr. and Mrs. Mabry’s team approach when settling in Cobb County. However, the vision has evolved to meet the ever-changing world in which students must live. Novel ideas permeate the climate as students prepare for a more advanced future. The students are pioneers in applying technology, tackling advanced math courses and beginning foreign languages. Certainly one could surmise that the students at Mabry are pioneers much like the building namesake Robert Watson Mabry.

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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