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September 13, 2005

National Schools of Distinction Award Winner

Technology InnovationI am pleased to announce that Mabry Middle School has been named the winner of Scholastic and Intel Corporations' National Schools of Distinction for Technology Innovation! Over 3,300 schools around the nation applied for this incredible honor, and Mabry won the Technology Innovation category! I believe 20 categories of awards were given nationwide.

As a category winner, Mabry will receive a $10,000 cash grant. In the past, category winners have also received about $250,000 worth of technology which supports the vision of a 21st century school. We have been told to anticipate a similar award this year.

Dr. Tyson, principal, Mr. Swanson, Instructional Lead Teacher, and Mrs. McCrary, retired Instructional Lead Teacher who wrote the application, have been invited to attend a black tie awards gala in Washington, D.C., on October 6th. At this event the details of the award will be announced.

Mabry students and teachers earned this extraordinary national recognition because of the innovative use of instructional technology at Mabry Middle School: the Annual Film Festival and the MabryOnline blogging system for instructional communication. The quality of the student-created digital movies is noteworthy to say the least. And the use of blogs to communicate to parents for instructional review is also exemplary.

I could not be any more pleased with the hard work of Mabry's teachers, who are literally defining best practices and what exemplary work looks like for public schools around the nation. By building capacity in everyone to become ambitious, independent problem solvers and creators, our teachers are empowering students to have a significant voice that matters for good in our world.

Our students have risen to this challenge by creating powerful and compelling digital movies that cause other students, as well as adults, to pause and reflect. Their work has deeply affected us, moving many to see that children can make a substantial contribution to our world, can have a voice in our world that makes it a better place. Our students' insights have caused us to stop and think. They are making a difference!

Mabry students and teachers are working hard to define a whole new way of "doing school." They are leveraging pervasive connectivity with computing tools in ways that empower them to create persuasive, and compelling media that empowers us all. Their exemplary work has been honored by Scholastic and Intel Corporations' National Schools of Distinction for Technology Innovation!

Congratulations students and teachers! I and our school community could not be any more proud of you!

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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