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December 21, 2005

Season of Giving

IMG_5316.JPGWe wish to thank everyone for their generous support of the Student Forum Canned Food Drive. Mabry students collected 1737 total cans! Ms. Hansard's class had the highest total with 279 cans. All cans and food items will be delivered to M.U.S.T. ministries and a local food bank which serves families in need.

In addition, student forum representatives collected money during lunch each day. Our thoughtful students donated $320.00. This money will be used to provided Christmas presents for a family who has recently experienced hardship. The generosity of Mabry families is heartwarming!

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December 05, 2005

Biogenetic Engineering at Mabry

On December 1st, Ms. Larkin's students took a DNA plasmid extracted from a jellyfish and inserted it into the DNA of a bacteria. They are now growing this new microorganism in the lab. They have completed a transgenic lab, designing a new species of bacteria which manufactures a protein that fluoresces under UV light, indicating that the new DNA has been successfully inserted into the DNA of the bacteria. Our students are getting an authentic look at how genetic scientists are using new technologies to create treatments (and hopefully someday even cures) for diseases such as diabetes, hemophilia, and sickle cell anemia to name a few.

IMG_5228 IMG_5239 IMG_5251

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Congratulations Mabry Teachers!

Mrs. Spannagel, PE Coach; Mrs. Kaplan, 8th Language Arts; and Mrs. Worthington, 7th Language Arts have each recently received different and significant recognitions about which our community should know!

Our Subject Area Coordinator for Physical Education, Mrs. Spannagel, was honored with the Outstanding Hoops for Heart Coordinator Award for the entire state of Georgia at the 2005 GAHPERD Convention in Columbus, Georgia, on November 13th.

Mrs. Kaplan is now Mabry's first National Board Certified Teacher! Only 328 teachers in the entire state of Georgia have earned this distinction, the highest credential in the teaching profession!

Mrs. Worthington, our Subject Area Coordinator for Language Arts, has been selected for the National Writing Project, a national K - 16 teacher collaborative to promote teachers teaching teachers to be even better teachers of reading and writing.

Mabry teachers set the standard for excellence!

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Morgan Trains As Marine Biologist

Sixth grader Morgan recently participated in Gulf World Marine Park’s Dolphin Trainer for a Day Program in Panama City Beach, Florida. During this six hour program, Morgan had the chance to experience the daily responsibilities of the Marine Mammal Department at Gulf World. Meeting the dolphins, sea lions, penguins. and otters enabled Morgan to learn the daily care, husbandry, and training of these various animals. Assisting staff in training sessions, watching medical inspections, helping with food preparation, and feeding some of the animals also gave Morgan a great opportunity to learn all about the different aspects of a trainer’s job responsibilities.

Morgan learned first hand about animals, their complex social structure and training techniques used by the Gulf World trainers. This fun-filled educational experience ended with Morgan appearing on stage to perform a special segment of the Dolphin Show.

On a scale of one to ten, Morgan rated her experience a twelve!!! It was a chance of a life time and Morgan plans to continue her studies in Marine Biology.

Gulf World-1

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December 04, 2005

Something BIG Is Coming January 10th

No... have to be patient!

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November Dinner Celebration

On November 15, 2005, Mabry Middle School paused to celebrate four significant accomplishments at our school:

  1. 27 years of outstanding service to our community
  2. Completion of $8.8 million in SPLOST renovations and additions
  3. Scholastic and Intel's prestigious Schools of Distinction Award for Technology Innovation
  4. Georgia's Silver Award for Academic Achievement: Highest Percentage of Students At and Above Grade Level

We have published two podcasts (one video and one audio-only) of Dr. Tyson's presentation at the dinner celebration. He discusses each of the four achievements and ends the presentation by answering the question, "Where do we go from here?". The goal he sets before us at Mabry: "In order to meet the unfettered demands of the global job market our students will face when they graduate from college in 10 years, we need to turn school on its head by changing school from an information distribution system to a collection of collaborative knowledge fabrication systems, and let's start that shift here at Mabry." Listen to find out what he means by this significant challenge.

If you were unable to attend our celebration, enjoy either one of the "virtual celebrations" linked below from MabryOnline's Podcast Central.

In addition to our students, parents, teachers and their families, we were delighted to host a number of other special guests at our dinner celebration. Click the image below for a list of our special guests for the evening.

Celebration Guests

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