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January 31, 2006

Eric Writes to J.K. Rowling

Our 6th grade students learn how to write a business letter. Eric chose to write his to author J.K. Rowling. His letter had to include the following parts:

Additionally, the letter's politeness, neatness, grammar, and mechanics were part of the evaluation. Eric tells the author that her fourth book was his favorite and states, "I have been trying to make my own stories such as Harry Potter and the Rose of the Night." He thanks her "for writing such wonderful books."

You can only imagine Eric's delight when he received a letter back, on what appears to be "official" Hogwart's stationery! The signed letter and accompanying picture were exciting enough, but I am most pleased with how this author has excited so many of our young readers at Mabry. And now our readers are even trying their hand at writing stories in the style of J.K. Rowling!

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