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January 31, 2006

Eric Writes to J.K. Rowling

Our 6th grade students learn how to write a business letter. Eric chose to write his to author J.K. Rowling. His letter had to include the following parts:

Additionally, the letter's politeness, neatness, grammar, and mechanics were part of the evaluation. Eric tells the author that her fourth book was his favorite and states, "I have been trying to make my own stories such as Harry Potter and the Rose of the Night." He thanks her "for writing such wonderful books."

You can only imagine Eric's delight when he received a letter back, on what appears to be "official" Hogwart's stationery! The signed letter and accompanying picture were exciting enough, but I am most pleased with how this author has excited so many of our young readers at Mabry. And now our readers are even trying their hand at writing stories in the style of J.K. Rowling!

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January 25, 2006

Dr. Tyson's Interactive Desk

Dr. Tyson is experimenting with interactivity on his blog, "From the Desk of Dr. Tyson." His first interactive post is now on "his desk." You can read the details about how to comment to his blog by clicking here. His first interactive post is located at this link.

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January 09, 2006

MabryOnline Goes Interactive!

This is huge news!  I'm tremendously excited!  Today we are launching a whole new educational dimension in this revolution that is pervasive computing and pervasive connectivity.  Our original goal was to have these projects go online during the Fall of 2006.  We are 8 months ahead of schedule!

We are leveraging technology, technology that didn't even exist just a few years ago, to enhance our students' academic potential and help us go even further in reaching our school goal:  maximized student achievement. Two new projects begin!

The Mabry Global Learning Collaborative (MGLC)
You will notice the new graphic in the right sidebar, Mabry's Global Learning Collaborative.  Explore!  Learn!  You will not be disappointed.  We want to use technology to extend our students' learning experiences globally.  We invite the participation of teachers and students around the world.

Classroom Scribes
Several teachers in 7th and 8th grades will host guest authors on their classroom blogs:  selected students who will act as class scribes.  These students will take careful notes in class.  They have committed to posting their notes to the teacher's blog as soon as possible.  Once the notes are approved by the teacher, they go live (are published) to the world.  Not only does this afford the class scribes with an unparalleled opportunity for classroom content review, but it also means every student has access to review information at the click of a mouse!

The training for the scribes is scheduled this week.  They should begin posting (Do scribes scribble?) next week.  To see if your teacher has a classroom scribe, ask him/her or simply go to his/her blog next week and click on the "Scribe" link in the sidebar.

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