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April 27, 2006

2006 Film Festival News

"Like the Oscars, but not lame"

--The George Lucas Foundation, Eudtopia Magazine

"This is the first and only Level 6 Technology Implementation I've seen in the country. This is the highest level of educational technology integration in the nation."

--Dr. Moersch, principal investigator and creator of the internationally-recognized LoTi (Level of Technology Implementation) Project, and Director and Co-Founder of the National Business Education Alliance

"A national treasure"

--Leslie Connery, Deputy CEO and Conference Chair for ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)

"This is as good as anything I've ever seen."

--Patrice Weaver, Operations Manager for GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting)

"The Pied Piper of Educational Technology"

--Kathy Ishizuka, The School Library Journal

Schools of Distinction Award for Technology Innovation

Scholastic and Intel Corporation

The 2006 Annual Mabry Film Festival was nothing short of a stunning success. The festival was launched by Dr. Tim Tyson, Mabry's principal, five years ago as a means of propelling technology integration into engaging instructional activities for students. Mrs. Janet McCrary, retired Instructional Lead Teacher, and Mr. Chris Swanson, current Instructional Lead Teacher's hard work and dedication to this event has propelled it into a national model for excellence in technology integration.

This year's sold out, black tie event is like the Oscars for education. Student film maker teams arrived, in spectacular attire, to walk the red carpet to their pre-party celebratory events. Spot lights pierced the sky as, at 7:30PM, the enormous audience rose in complete silence to honor the men and women who defend our nation. Then, the celebrations began! The event was hosted from start to finish by our student emcees who introduced the nominees for each movie category and opened the eagerly anticipated envelopes. Each film, a two-minute short, was based on this year's festival theme: "The Power of Ideas: Stories from Our Studies."

Nothing is more exciting to our students than seeing such a large audience eagerly view their work with critical acclaim, than seeing and hearing the parents' and students' tremendous enthusiasm for each movie team's hard work in bringing big ideas to life on the big screen. And cheer they did! This year, in addition to the winning movie in each category, because of the generosity of several anonymous donors, an Apple iBook laptop computer and two 60 gigabyte video iPods were awarded to students. While not every student could take home the gold, all of the students who participated in this one-of-a-kind event are winners! Every single movie was a shining testimony to the bright hope of tomorrow: our children today and the power of their ideas!

In each 2006 Film Festival post in Podcast Central you can read a transcript of the night and download a video podcast of each of the movie categories in its entirety. You may also watch the movies online through your browser by simply clicking on any image below. Each image links to the movies in that category. Or you can visit mTV (Mabry TV).

My heart-felt thanks to the many, many people who helped make this event the most extraordinary educational celebration children can experience!

To view the different movies nominated in each category, click on the category links below. QuickTime 7 must be installed properly on your computer (Windows or Mac). If a movie was nominated in more than one category, the full movie only appears in its entirety in the first category in which it played the night of the Film Festival.

Cinematography Documentary Dramtic-Comedy
Sound Teaching-Learning

Each year students who are not participating on an official team to create a movie for the Best Picture competition are still eager to submit a movie in the hopes that it will be featured the night of the Film Festival and perhaps placed on MabryOnline. This year, winners were announced in each grade level for Best Indi--in other words, 3 movies (one in 6th, one in 7th, and one in 8th grade) took home the gold. In addition, one student film-maker from the Independent Film category was awarded a 60 gigabyte video iPod! To see the movies that competed in the Best Independent Category, click on each of the pictures below.

Indi Indi
6th and 7th Grade Indis 8th Grade Indis

High speed internet access required.
Quicktime 7 required.

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