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April 17, 2006

And the Winner Is...

I have just finished the screening of the 5th Annual Mabry Film Festival movies for our distinguished panel of judges. I think that some people who are not familiar with the quality of our students' work in the festival may think, "Oh, isn't that nice. They make some little movies." Let me tell you some of the comments made by our judges! Historically our judges feature people who work in the communications and media industry in television, cable, radio, and film, as well as people in technology, education, and the state department. In fact, one of our judges had to fly out to work on location for a television shoot in California.

Today, during the judging, I had the opportunity to sit next to the Operations Manager for Georgia Public Broadcasting. After, what turned out to be, the winning movie in the Best Picture Category was played, she turned to me and said emphatically, "Dr. Tyson, that movie is excellent! It is every bit as good as any professional work that has ever been submitted to me to be considered for airing on GPB!" What a compliment to the fine work of these 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students!

For those who may not realize it, some of our students' movies have already been aired on GPB. And winning movies from this year's festival will be aired after the festival has passed.

Here are some quotations from the judges today about several of the different movies in this year's submissions: "As good as anything I've ever seen!" "Awesome and powerful!" "This movie really affected me the most." "Wonderful, wonderful! I wish all of these could win!" "This was just overwhelmingly powerful! WOW!" "This movie was deeply thought-provoking and emotionally rich!" "A great, important message delivered with emotional impact." "I loved this. It had maximum impact and great pacing!" "This year's movies are just so refined and polished. They're just the most sophisticated yet!"

As your principal, yet once again, I just can not wait for you to see the amazing work our students are doing at Mabry! And in addition to my excitement about our students' work, I just can't wait to give away, in addition to the hundreds of trophies these movies command, an Apple iBook computer and two 60 gigabyte video iPods to deserving students! We are able to make these awards available to our students because of the generous anonymous donations of people in our extended learning community. Thank You!

See you at the 5th Annual Mabry Film Festival!

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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