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May 18, 2006

Pythagorean Award Winner

Pathagorean AwardToday our three math finalists competed for the Mabry Pythagorean Award.  The competition was very challenging.  In fact, you too can try to solve the same math problems to test your own math skills.  These two links provide you with the questions on one slide followed by the answers on the next.  Simply click on the slide to advance it to the next slide. 

Our winner for the 2006 Mabry Pythagorean Award is David!

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May 17, 2006

Pythagorean Finalists Compete

Pathagorean AwardDr. Tyson began the Pythagorean Award at Mabry during the 2002 - 2003 school year to recognize the highest math achievement at our school.  The trophy itself, pictured below, is an original work commissioned by the renouned Hans Gobo Fräbel studios.  The giant "greater than" mathematical symbol reads, "Math Achievement:  We're greater than!" and holds the name of each year's winner.

Our highest math achievers in 8th grade, based on standardized tests, are invited to take a very difficult math test.  The top three winning students then compete in front of their entire 8th grade class solving math problems based on time and accuracy.  The winning student receives a Pythagorean Award Plaque and this highest math honor at Mabry.

In amazed silence, all of 8th grade class gets to see live and on demand how quickly these brilliant young mathematicians solve complex math problems.  Math achievement is highly valued at Mabry Middle School.  Today I want to honor all of the students who accepted the invitation and came out to take the invitation-only demanding test.

Additionally, we will host a podcast from the three bright young finalists in the 2006 competition:  Gabrielle, David, and Kevin.  One of these student's name will appear on the trophy at the end of the week!  Good luck!


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Middle Grades Writing Assessment Results

The Georgia Middle Grades Writing Assessment results for 2006 are now available. Every 8th grader in the state of Georgia is required to take the MGWA. Mabry students did extremely well on this measure. No students at Mabry are below grade level!

(Click to enlarge)

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May 08, 2006

Film Festival Pictures

We would like to post additional pictures from the film festival event. If you have any pictures you would like to share, please send them in on a CD to Dr. Tyson's attention. We can not guarantee we will add them to our site, but we are interested in expanding this photo collection from the evening. Each picture is a thumbnail link to a larger version.

Film Festival 06 010 Img 2157
Pre-Party Events
Film Festival 06 017 Img 2165
The Trophies Await Their Eager Recipients
Film Festival 06 014 Film Festival 06 018 Img 2164
The Crowd Eagerly Awaits The World Debut of Student Work
Img 2167
Twelve Student Emcees Host the Evening

And the winner is...
Bestpicture Img 2169 Img 2170
Img 2171 Img 2172 Pe
Img 2168 Alumni
Img 2155 Img 2161 Img 2162
Img 2179 Img 2180

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May 03, 2006

2006 Summer Reading

Improving reading and writing are important goals at Mabry. Research has shown that the amount and quality of student reading and writing is a major factor in student achievement. Georgia law and Cobb County require all middle school students read at least 25 books for the 2006-2007 school year. The 3 books you read this summer will count as part of this requirement. All written work for the required summer reading assignments will be collected during the first week of school in August. You can find more information related to the summer reading program on the Media Center Blog.

Summer reading is designed to keep students reading through the summer so their skills do not regress. Therefore, this is designed to include many choices. All these books are available on Many, but not all, are available through local book sellers. The public library will also have some of these titles in more limited supply. Our reading list has been shared with the public library and several local book sellers. Additionally, many of these titles will be available at the book fair held at Mabry May 8 - 12, 2006; Monday - Thursday from 8:15AM - 4:00PM, and on Friday from 8:15AM - 2:00PM. Parents of rising 6th graders are also welcomed to come purchase summer reading materials during these times.

These materials are presented as pdfs for download. Everyone will need to download the reading log as all summer reading must be documented correctly on the summer reading log if you plan to count it toward your 25 book reading requirement. You should also download the materials required for your grade level.

Reading Log (all students)

6th Grade Reading List

7th Grade Reading List

8th Grade Reading List

Media Center Blog

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