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September 27, 2006

Australian Visitors at Mabry

Yesterday Mabry had two guests from Tranby College in Western Australia, Les and Nicole. Les, an 8th grade teacher and soon to be the ITC director of the middle school (grades 7 - 9), and Nicole, a Kindergarten teacher, both very technologically literate, first became aware of Mabry through, where they stated they watched, in utter amazement, the movies our students have made. They attained a grant to come visit Mabry firsthand to learn more about our school and the ways we leverage global connectivity to maximize student achievement.

Both stated that their visit was very informative. They asked many questions, and visited many classes. They also talked with a number of our students (who served as international Mabry ambassadors), which they said was one of the most valuable aspects of their visit. We will post a podcast of their meeting with our students. They spoke of the friendliness of our staff and the politeness of our students.

Additionally they brought two specially framed photographs Les took in Western Australia. He made a podcast which will be posted along with pictures of the pictures to MabryOnline, discussing the significance of their gracious and unexpected gift. I am delighted that Mabry is providing a standard of professional excellence and best practices that is being recognized not only in the United States, but, through MabryOnline, even around the world.

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September 14, 2006

Browser Recommendation

We actually make a significant effort to have our site appear clean, legible, easy to read, and standards compliant. We have noticed that about 66% of our viewers are using Internet Explorer, which, in its present iteration, is not a standards compliant browser. In other words, what you see on our site may well not be what we designed our site to look like. We would encourage all of our Windows friends to use FireFox, which is a free standards compliant browser. We suspect you will have fewer issues with our site not displaying as it is intended to be seen.

Posted by Tim Tyson at 03:39 PM

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