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August 30, 2005
Friday, Sept. 2, 2005

Directions for Sun Mandala

Instructions for the Sun-Mandala

Warm Up:
Appetizers – pg. 5

Activity 1:
Ask students to move into a quiet, receptive frame of mind, and write down their answers to the following questions on the sun mandala chart. There is no discussion at this point, but students will have ample opportunities to talk later.

Selecting the Sun Images
What animal are you like most?
What plant are you most like?
What color are you most like?
What shape are you most like?
What number are you most like?
What mineral or gem are you most like?
What natural element are you most like: air, earth, fire, or water? (Students may n\select some aspect of the element or the entire category: breeze, hurricane, or tornado for air, for example; or mountain, desert, or beach for earth.)
Students are to complete the first column on the Sun Images chart

These 7 symbols become the sun images of the mandala. The concept of the sun image arises naturally from the method of arriving at these images in a thoughtful, conscious manner, in “the light of the day” as we say.

Activity 2:
Students will write a sentence for each of their specific symbols.
Students may use the following core sentence as they think through their primary reason for selecting each of their sun images.

Suggested Core Sentence:
I am like the (sun image) because, like the (item), I _____________________.

Student Examples:
I am most like the poison oak because, like poison oak, I am harmless until I’m stepped on.

I am most like a giraffe because, like a giraffe, my vision extends beyond my reach.

Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book
Collect/respond/react/reflect daily in his/her Write To Learn (3-5 pages per week plus accurate completion of reading log daily)
Finish Core Sentences

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