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August 17, 2005
Thursday, August 18, 2005

Write Source – pg. 518
WAG (Writing and Grammar)– Chapter 21 Section 1 Pages 456-458

Warm up:
Appetizers – pg. 3

Activity 1:
Using Write Source – pg. 518 review the 4 kinds of sentences with students giving oral examples.

Activity 2:
In table groups students are to write 4 sentences (one declarative, one interrogative, one imperative, and one exclamatory) describing the 1st two days in this class. Share with the class.

Activity 3:
In table groups complete the exercise in Write Source on the bottom of pg. 518.

Activity 4:
Each student goes through their initial letter to me and number each sentence. On a sheet of paper (or on the back of the letter) number you paper with the same numbers you placed on your sentences in the letter. Write the type of sentence for each of your sentences in your letter.

Activity 5:
As a table group students will complete exercises 2-4 (Chapter 21 Section 1 Pages 456-458) in WAG
In table groups students are to complete Exercise 5 (page 459) and share with the class.

Find It in Your Reading Read this declarative sentence from Tiger: A Biography of Tiger Woods. Write an imperative sentence, an interrogative sentence, and an exclamatory sentence that might have been part of Earl Woods’s lecture to his son.
Earl’s lecture, delivered at decibels with which Tiger was unfamiliar, centered on the theme that golf owes no one anything, least of all success, and that quitting is a flagrant foul, intolerable.

Quiz on 8/19 on the 4 types of sentences

Homework: standing HW assignment for the entire year
Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book
Collect/respond/react/reflect daily in his/her Write To Learn (3-5 pages per week plus accurate completion of reading log daily)
Possible topic: After the 1st week of 7th grade, I have realized…
Maintain a reading list of books read

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