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September 21, 2005
Thursday, September 22

Writing Outline

Write Source – pg. 105-106; 126; 488; 572-573; 556

Warm Up:
What is chronological order?

Returned Graded Papers Last Monday:
Verb Quiz
Sun-Mandala Project: The purpose of this project to make sure students are comfortable with the physical aspects of using color, shape, and understand the relationship of what they draw to what they think, say, or write.

Activity 1:
Share last night’s night write with the student’s at your table.

Activity 2:
Complete Writing Outline using the information you wrote in your organizing thoughts and ideas.

Activity 3:
Review the use of transitions to make the sentences and the paragraphs flow smoothly.

Activity 4:
Using page 105 in Write Source as a model, make a sensory chart for your experience. Then write down words or phrases that describe events in your Quick List. Have students work with a partner to share each sensory chart to make sure that the information includes sensory details and also shows their feeling. Students should refer to page 488 in Write Source for addition help with using sensory details in writing.

Activity 5:
Using page 106 in Write Source as a model, review how to use dialogue effectively in a narrative. Plan to use dialogue in at least 3 places in your essay.

• Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book. Complete an entry on your reading log.
• Night Write:
Complete the writing outline, if you did not finish it in class.
Add sensory details and use dialogue in 3 places in your rough draft. In the margin of your paper, identify the following:
I saw…
I heard…
I smelled…
I felt…
Lesson learned

Remember: the 1st organization of your thoughts and ideas must be written in pencil on every other line.

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