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September 04, 2005
Monday, September 12, 2005

Individual student sun-mandala

Checklist for the Sun-Mandala

Warm Up:

Activity 1:
The sun-shadow sentences will be written around the edges of the mandala, which will provide a frame for the drawing. The following directions are for the writing of the sun-shadow sentences:

1. Write a single sentence using all of your sun signs. See how you can weave all of those images together in one sentence.
2. Weave your 7 sun-shadow signs into 1 sentence.
3. Write both of these sentences around the outside of your mandala.

Examples of Personal Mandala Sun-Shadow Sentences:

1) The thirteen daisies on the square table were set on fire by the canary that lived among the rocks.
The seven red sapphires were stolen from the pyramid by an eagle that lived in the mighty oak, and were cast into the ice.

2) The circle of sunlight pierced the redwood branches to reveal a lone dolphin swimming just beneath the surface of the diamond blue ocean.
The lines of moonlight cast shadows upon the unkept sheep pasture which, once graced with a myriad of orange roses, now lay empty, dotted with rock and puddles from yesterday’s rain.

Activity 2:
Fine-tune/finish sun-mandala using the rubric handout.

Quiz on verbs on Wednesday, September 14.

Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book
Collect/respond/react/reflect daily in his/her Write To Learn (3-5 pages per week plus accurate completion of reading log daily)
Work 15 minutes on the sun-mandala project. Finish the entire Sun-Mandala project by Friday, Sept 16. You will need to turn in the final project with the completed checklist with all assignments stapled to the checklist.

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