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September 14, 2005
Thursday, September 15

Individual student sun-mandala
WAG – pg. 326-329

Instructions for the Sun-Mandala
Checklist for the Sun-Mandala Assignment

Warm Up:
Appetizer’s – pg. 10

Activity 1:
Answer any questions about the completion of the sun-mandala project.

Activity 2:
Read aloud the “Key Concept” section on pg. 326-328. After each “read aloud”, complete exercise 1 and then exercise 2 orally as a whole class.

Activity 3:
As a table group students should complete the section review on pg. 329 exercises 23-24. Go over the answers.

Activity 4:
Students will finish the writing process free form map.

Students will have a quiz on verbs on Friday, September 16.

Online practice for the quiz on verbs can be found at:
Students will log in with their password. Click on the grammar book; click on 15.1 and work through 15.3.

Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book
Work 15 minutes on the sun-mandala project. Finish the entire Sun-Mandala project by Friday, Sept 16. You will need to turn in the final project with the completed checklist with all assignments stapled to the

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