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October 16, 2005
Friday, October 21

Reflective Log For Personal Narrative Unit

Talking Points For Book Chat

Warm Up:
Nail Biting Quick Write

Warm Up:
Nail Biting Quick Write – Students will read the story on the orange sheet on their table. Students are to write 5 “I Learned” statements about information read in the story. Then students are to write for 3 minutes about a bad habit they or someone they know can’t break. Please collect these papers.

Activity 1:
Students will complete a reflection log on the personal writing unit of study. This will be collected for a test grade.
As a class, go over each item on the test with examples:
1. This piece shows that I’m able to use_________, _________, ________ in my narrative writing because…

Ask the class to give criteria or guidelines that are specifically for writing a personal narrative. Some of the answers should be:
3 types of dialogue
a lesson learned
beginning, middle, and ending paragraphs
sensory details

2. This piece shows I really understand the content because…
Ask the class to give some specific examples of responses. . Some of the answers should be:
I used…
3 types of dialogue when I explained…
a lesson learned which was…
beginning, middle, and ending paragraphs when I…
sensory details to describe…

3. If I could show this piece to anyone, I would show it to _______________ because…

Students need to explain specifically what they have included in this paper that they have not in any other piece of writing.

4. People who knew me last year would never believe this piece because…

What evidence does the student explain in their writing that shows improvement in their writing from last year?

5. The most challenging part of this writing piece was ____________ because…

Students need to identify the most challenging part of writing this paper. Explain why this part was such a challenge.

6. My (parents, friend, teacher)(Circle one.) liked this piece because…

When students conferred (talked with) a peer, a friend, a teacher, a parent; what was a positive comment made on this piece of writing?

7. One thing I have learned about myself is…

Students are to identify and explain the work ethic involved in the completion of this assignment. What was involved in completing each of the steps in the writing process?

8. I still have questions about…

What are some of the areas of the writing process or the specific criteria for writing a personal narrative that needs more work? “None” is not an answer.

Students are to write any comments they want me to know in order to improve the teaching of this unit or comments in the areas of this unit that were the most helpful.
Activity 2:
Go over the Talking Points (with examples) as a whole class. Students are to complete this assignment as they are reading the selected book chat book.
1. A quote (or quotes) from this book that has the most impact on my life is (are) ...and explain why.
As students are reading their book chat book, they are to put a sticky note by a quote they feel has an impact on their life. As they read the book, students will have more than one quote. Upon the completion of the reading of the book, students will have to prioritize their quote selections.

2. If the author of this book were here today, I would ask him or her the following questions.
Some suggestions for questions to the author might be:
What event and/or person in your personal life was/were influential in the writing of this book?

3. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," is one of life's little lessons. Some of "life's lessons" I learned from this book are...

What was the message the author wants to give to the reader? This is the same thing as the theme of the book.

4. The character(s) in this book that I can personally identify with are ... and explain why.

Same hobbies
Same age
Similar physical appearance
Similar personality
Similar relationship with parents

5. A testimonial for this book would be...

A testimonial is a brief (one sentence will do) statement that names a character and gives a hint about the theme of the book. Testimonials include opinions such as: This book is a page turner because…
This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, because…

6. The most amazing part(s) of this book is (are)...

Explain the event that became an “ah-ha” moment?

7. An incident or incidents from this book to share would be...
In your opinion describe the most exciting incident in the book that you feel a peer and/or parent would enjoy reading.

8. The themes about life presented in this novel relate to my daily life in the following ways:

Identify the theme of this book and describe how the lesson relates to your life.

Students are to have Book Chat Parent Letter and Talking Points signed, if they did not have it signed yesterday. Also, students need to ask an adult to be their reading buddy for the book chat on 11/14 and decide on the book that will be read.
• Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book. Students may read the book they selected for the book chat. Complete an entry on your reading log.
Night Write: Complete, proofread, and fine-tune the reflective log assignment.

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