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October 27, 2005

Organize and complete a rough draft including:Beginning paragraph3 middle paragraphsending paragraphStudents went through 8 different checkers on the Prentice Hall site and applied the suggestions to their personal narrativeAnalyze the first 10 sentences of the personal narrative forBeginning wordsUse of transitionsVivid verbsDescriptive adjectivesSimple and complex sentencesPeer editing was completed with a writing buddyStudents will apply the 5 elements of a plot to the short storyStudents needed to read their chapter book and collect data to synthesize a judgment in the material just readStudents needed to use available data on the Dream Series books to select one to read for the book chatStudents read their chapter book and used the inference formula to make 2 inferences from the materials read What I Learned+What I Know+ InferenceStudents apply each of the elements of fiction to their book chat book 3 completed rough drafts showing progress from the 1st to the 3rde-rater grade on the personal narrativee-rater grade on the personal narrative

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