Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.

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October 21, 2005
Tuesday, October 25

Talking Points

Warm Up:
Develop a definition of theme.

Activity 1:
Students will read their chapter book for 30 minutes looking for inferences. Students are to write for 2 inferences found in their reading using the following formula:

What I Learned
+What I Know
= Inference

Activity 2:
Students will discuss the Talking Points giving examples of each one from the information they just read.

Papers Collected to Bo Graded:
Inference Formula

• Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book. Complete an entry on your reading log.
• Night Write:
Students are to name books or stories they have read that contain similar themes (This homework assignment will be collected for a grade.):
Family and friends are valuable gifts.
Growing up means accepting responsibility,
Understanding one’s culture and heritage often leads to greater self-insight.
People can accomplish great things by working together.

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