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November 15, 2005
Tuesday, November 15

Warm Up:
Reflect on Monday’s book chat and complete the framed paragraph.

November 14,2005 was a memorable day at school because_________________. This _______________ opportunity allowed for me to experience __________________.
While participating in the event, I felt ____________________________. I was amazed when ______________________________. Meeting an author, such as Mr. Blumenthal, was __________________________. Preparation for this educational experience was_________________________. A moment that I want to remember is ________________________ An event that I was eager to share with my book chat group was_______________. While reading __________________________________ (Write the title of the book you read.), connections to my personal life were __________________________. A testimonial for the book chat experience would be _________________________________. Overall, Monday, November 14 in language arts was ______________________________________.

Activity 1:
Read your chapter book for 30 minutes, complete an entry on your reading log, and answer the following:
Why did the author write this book?
To persuade
To entertain
To inform

What is the message the author is communicating to the reader?

Title and Author of the book

Paper Collected on Monday To Be Graded:
Talking Points for Book Chat

Paper Collected on Tuesday To Be Graded:
Book Chat Reflection Warm Up

Night Write - Complete the outline for Response to Literature (handout given last week).
Reading - Read for 30 minutes in your chapter book and complete an entry on your reading log

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