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December 09, 2005
LA 4 12/09/05

LA 4

The warm up was to write down a sentence and write the parts of speech above it. Mrs. Abrams did the warm up today. The entire class to day said the part of speech out loud. Mrs. Abrams Said it is easier to find out the parts of speech by diagramming the sentence. Mrs. Abrams tells each of the steps of the diagram and what they are there for. As Mrs. Abrams described the diagram while all of the students wrote down what she said. She next explained where a predicate goes on a diagram. A direct object is a noun or pronoun. You put a prepositional phrase right below the predicate. We started talking about food and some students asked if we could have an earlier lunch. She asked many students if they could identify the part of speech in a snap. We next got out our final copy of the response to literature.

Posted by Mrs. Abrams

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