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January 19, 2006
Class Notes for January

Today in class we went to the media center. We looked up information about our research topic. While we were at the media center we used our resources such as a book, an encyclopeida, the website, and a magazine article. You can use the internet to find a magazine article if you go to elibrary.

You will need to have these three worksheets done by the end of class tomorrow. They include the four resources, Framework which is a working outline, and the anticipation guide for research writing. On the working outline you will need to have that completly filled out except for the last question that has to do with the conclusion. For the anticipation guide you will need to have the verification collumn filled out and if the statement is false you need to change it to make it a true statement.

Make sure that you have 50 notecards plus the 4 bibliography cards. We will be going to the media center for the last time this week tomorrow.

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