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January 25, 2006
Class Notes for Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Students where to answer the following questions:
A. How can you recognize persuasive devices?
B. How can you make inferences?
C. The students used a passage about a famous Texan to answer the questions.

Activity 1: Students were to pull out their introductory paragraph about their research project. Then, they were to share their paragraph with the people at their table. Mrs. Abrams stressed to us to make sure that we skip lines. Then, Mrs. Abrams picked a select few to share with the whole class.

Activity 2: Students were to pull out their "power outline". Using the "power outline", students got the rest of the class to start their 4 middle paragraphs (one for each key word). Just remember to do the following things:
A. Make sure your paragraph has a topic sentence that covers one main idea
B. Make sure you have at least three supporting details that support one main idea.
C. Have a concluding/clincher/closing sentence that summarizes the information in the paragraph and/or answers the question "so what".
It is important that you take the details for each key word and put them into sentences in your paragraph. Try not to put the same information in separate sentences. Try to complete the concluding/clincher/closing sentence for every paragraph.

A. Finish all middle paragraphs
B. As always, read for 30 minutes in a challenging chapter book, and fill an entry in your reading log.

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