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January 18, 2006
Class Notes for January 18

A.Note cards
B.“Source” sheet
C.Work cited bibliography form (given from Mrs. Hendrix)
D.Practice passage from a magazine (given from Mrs. Hendrix)

Graded Papers:
A.“Source” sheet

Activity 1: Students went to media center today. Then, Mrs. Hendrix taught the students how to fill out bibliography cards correctly using the “work cited bibliography form” that can be found on Mrs. Hendrix’s blog. Students also used the practice passage from the magazine to practice the bibliography forms.

Activity 2: Students then were to make 4 bibliography cards (one four each source on the “source” sheet). From the bibliography cards, students were to fill out note cards. *Remember, only 8 words per note card*.

A glance ahead:
A. Students are to complete 4 bibliography cards and 50 note cards by Friday.
B. Students must have the “anticipation guide” finished.

Homework tonight:
A.Start note cards on your research subject, work for 15 minutes or more
B.As always, read for 30 minutes in the book of your choice, fill out a reading summary on your reading.

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