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January 18, 2006
Class Notes for January 18

Today in class we went to the media center. We were there for the whole class period. While we were there, we started looking up some facts or information about our research topic. You will need to have a bibliography card for a magazine article, an encyclopedia, a website, and a book. You must have one for each of those sources. You will also need to have 50 notecards plus the 4 bibliography cards by the end of class on Friday. We will be starting our rough draft of our research paper on Monday. You can also do some research at home. If you do not have internet access then you will need to come in early. So make sure that you have 50 notecards and 4 bibliogreaphy cards by friday after noon.

The homework for tonight is to read for 30 minutes and fill out and entry on your reading log.

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