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January 27, 2006
What a day we had today! Friday, January 27

Great Source pg. 403-404

Warm Up:
What is a work-cited page?

Activity 1:
Students will alphabetize their source cards. Review Great Source pg. 403-404 for the guidelines for creating a work-cited page. The media center blog will have Mrs. Hendrix’s guidelines for each type of source. Please keep in mind that every mark of punctuation, capitalization, underlining, indenting, etc. is important for an accurate work-cited page.

Activity 2:
Students will focus on revising just the rough draft of their paper by reading it aloud to their writing buddy..

What a fabulous opportunity has graced our students! Thanks to Dr. Tyson, I have 16 students who post their work to the blog each day. This student work is available for grandma's. grandpas, aunts, uncles, parents, etc. Students may comment to each other. All comments are screened by me before they are posted to the world. Please have your student and you take advantage of this opportunity. Seeing and commenting on other students' work, allows your student and you to compare their work. How powerful this learning experience will be for all! Here are the directions:

Go to
On the right hand side of the page, click on Mabry’s Global Learning Collaborative
Arrow down the page until you see Mrs. Abrams’ Virtual Class and click
Arrow down and look on the right hand side for the list of categories
Click on Work in Progress
Chose an entry from a student
At the end of the entry, click on comments
Type your comments in the box
Please put initials, the box for your name
Arrow down and click on preview; you can go back to edit what you wrote in your comments, when you finish previewing your comment
Then click Post
Thank you for your support in this endeavor. What a fabulous learning opportunity this is for my students!

Read for 30 minutes and record the following on their reading on your reading log:
Genre (fiction or nonfiction)
Reading level
Actual pages read (example 21-47)
Minutes read
One-sentence summary

Tonight’s Night Write for 15 minutes will be to revise the research paper, being sure to insert transitions where appropriate.

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