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February 03, 2006
Class Notes for Febuary 3, 2006

A.Computers in Writing Lab
B.Research packet

Activity 1: Students went to the writing lab again today. Their top priority today was to complete their research paper on After that, students were to copy and paste their paper into Word. Once they have completed their checking in Word they must double space and print their research paper.

Activity 2: After printing, students were to give their paper to their writing buddy. Their writing body must revise and re-edit the paper.

Activity 3: The paper then went back to the original students and they were to complete the changes in

A Glance Ahead: Sometime after Febuary 13th students will be able to sign up for their presentations.

A. The homework for tonight is to revise and edit your 3rd rough draft.
B. As always, you must read for 30 minutes and fill an entry in your reading log.

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