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February 11, 2006
Class Notes for Febuary 10, 2006

Warm-Up: Armadillo’s eating habits worksheet on predicting outcomes, and to recognize author’s point of view.

*Students, you need to start preparing for your oral presentation.*
If you need help, here are some pointers:
A. Talk clearly, loudly, and at a regular pace (speed)
B. Use expression (visual aids, pictures, charts, colorful posters)
C. Be in a good mood and don’t stress over your presentation.
D. Wear better clothes than your audience. This will make you stand out.
E. Use gestures and make eye contact.
F. Use, in your paper, an advanced vocabulary, as this will grab the reader’s attention.

Students were then given a worksheet called “Checklist for an oral Presentation”. They MUST write down the date of their presentation on the top right hand corner of their paper as a reminder to take the checklist in on that date. You must have while presenting.

Students were to then, write on the back of their paper, 15 statements. These statements are there “to do list” over the weekend.

Nigh Write: Work on completing your to do list.

Reading: As always, read for 30 minutes each night/day and fill an entry in your reading log.

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