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February 15, 2006
Class notes for 2/15/06

Today in class we stared off with a warm-up. This warm-up was, How do you identify indirect objects in a sentence? After the warm-up we had done some presentations that students needed to share. We then used the “Smart” board, to complete the exercises on page 415 in Writing and Grammar.
Students need to remember:
1. There is never an indirect object unless there is a direct object.
2. Indirect objects and objects of the preposition are not the same.
3. Indirect objects can be found easily by rewording a sentence to include the word to or for.
4. An indirect object is a noun or a pronoun.

The homework for tonight is:
1. Read for 30 minutes and fill out an entry in your reading logs.
2. Be sure to record on your reading logs because Msr.Abrams is going to check them.
3. To work on your oral presentation.

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