Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.

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February 12, 2006
Tuesday, February 14

Warm Up:
Appetizers pg. 42

Activity 1:
Students will complete a quiz on direct objects.

Activity 2:
Students will read their chapter book for 30 min. and answer the following questions about the characters in their reading:
Who are the main characters/people in the story/text?
Do I like them? Why or why not?
Do any of the characters /people change in the story/text? How?
Does a character/person do things that are good or bad? What kind of things?

Read for 30 minutes and record the following on their reading on your reading log: Reading logs will be checked this Thursday, February 16 for days Monday, February 13 – Wednesday, February 15.
Genre (fiction or nonfiction)
Reading level
Actual pages read (example 21-47)
Minutes read
One-sentence summary

Tonight’s Night Write for 15 minutes will be to prepare for their Oral Presentation.

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