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March 22, 2006
Class notes for 3/22/06

Today in class we started with a warm-up. This warm-up was ;What is a problem-solution persuasive essay? Studentswill then read and analyze the example of a persuasive (or problem-solution) essay on pages 225-226.
When analyzing the piece of writing, students will be asked to answer the following:
1. Paragraph 1: What is the problem?
2. Paragraph 2: Why is it important?
3. Paragraph 3: What is a solution? Why will it work?
4. Paragraph 4: How can the reader help?
5. Paragraph 5: Why might someone think the solution will not work?
6. What does the writer want the reader to do?
7. What details convince the reader to take the problem seriously?
8. What details persuade the reader to help solve the problem?
9. Which paragraphs deal with the problem?
10. Which paragraphs deal with the solution?
11. What words or phrases make the voice of the writer persuasive?
We then reviewed the keys to effective prewriting on pg. 227.
We then got out our concept maps, and compared it to the concept map (called a “topics cluster” in Write Source). Using the information on our concept map, students then completed a gathering chart. You will need to refer back to your research paper for more information.

The homework for tonight is:
1. Read for 30 minutes and fill out an entry in your reading logs.
2. To complete the gathering chart that was started in class.

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