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March 23, 2006
Class notes for 3/23/06

Today in class we started with a warm-up. This warm-up was; What is the purpose of an opinion statement? Since a problem can be solved with several possible solutions, making a list of possible solutions would be beneficial. You will need to begin with a sentence starter. Students will need to use a sentence starter to state their problem and ends with “unless” or “until.” They will be able to refer to their research paper and write as many solutions as they can. Put a star by the solution you feel is most suitable for your paper. Students will now need to figure out how the solution will work. In order to persuade your reader to believe in your solution, you will need to complete the following chart:
5W’s and H Chart
Gathering Details About the Solution:

The homework for tonight is:
1. Read for 30 minutes and fill out an entry in your reading logs.
2. To complete the Sentence Starter Solutions and the 5W’s and H Chart.
3. Be sure to fill out your reading logs because Msr.Abrams will be cheking them tomorrow.

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