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March 12, 2006
Friday, March 17

Best Nonfiction: 17-21

Warm Up:
What is a controlling idea in a piece of nonfiction writing?

Activity 1:
Share concept maps with the students at your table.

Activity 2:
Students will read Best Nonfiction: 17-19 to answer the following:
Why do authors change their writing strategies?
Describe the 5 forms of organization.
How does the author support her opinion?
How does the author conclude the piece of writing?

Activity 3:
Exercise 2 on page 20 will be completed as a whole class.

Night Write: March Night Writes

Students will review the concept map you completed for your night write on Wednesday, March 15. Using the facts from your research paper, add at least 2 details to each subtopic. Think about the organization you will use:
Chronological order
Spacial order
Order of importance
Cause-and-effect order
Problem-solution order

Put a number next to each subtopic to show where each will come in your article. Are any of your details opinions? If so, do you have facts to back them up? To make sure you have at least 1 fact to back up 1 opinion, highlight the facts (statement that can be proved). Save these notes for the next writing piece.

Read for 30 minutes and record the following on their reading on your reading log:
Genre (fiction or nonfiction)
Reading level
Actual pages read (example 21-47)
Minutes read
One-sentence summary

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