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March 12, 2006
Monday, March 20

Best Nonfiction: pg. 13, 21-23

Warm Up:
Why is it important to make sure you have content and organization when writing an informational piece?

Activity 1:
Share last night’s night write with the people at your table.

Activity 2:
Read “How to Read Nonfiction” reviewing for:
Purpose and audience
Content and organization
Response and evaluation

Activity 3:
Read and discuss the information on pg. 21-22 on response and evaluation.

Activity 4:
Remember that proficient readers question continually as they read. Skim “Where Is Cyberspace?” and answer the following:
1. What is the author’s purpose?
2. Did the author achieve her purpose?
3. Give specific examples from the article to support your answer.
4. What are some of the strengths in this article?
5. What are some of the weaknesses of this article?

Night Write: March Night Writes
Review your content map.
Answer the following”
1. Are the facts on the concept map related to your intended purpose?
2. If not, decide how you will bring your notes and purpose together.
3. Imagine yourself a member of the chosen audience, and look at your concept map. What are some additional questions your audience might have?
4. If additional questions would help clarify your topic, add those questions at this time.
5. How did you organize your information? (example , chronological)
6. Is the type of organization appropriate for your topic and purpose?
7. Should the order be changed?
8. What subtopics might need to be rearranged?

Save this information for the next writing piece.

Read for 30 minutes and record the following on their reading on your reading log:
Genre (fiction or nonfiction)
Reading level
Actual pages read (example 21-47)
Minutes read
One-sentence summary

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