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March 12, 2006
Tuesday, March 14

Best Nonfiction – 1-5

Anticipation Guide For “Where Is Cyberspace?”

Warm Up:
Write 5 facts you know about cyberspace.

Activity 1:
Give One Get One
Students get up and give an answer to the warm-up question with another student. The “giver” then gets an answer from that person. This activity continues until each student has a total of ten items on their list.

Activity 2:
Students will read their chapter book for 30 minutes to identify the following in their reading:

Activity 3:
Students will read “Where Is Cyberspace?” and focus on answering the following questions:
Why did the author write this article?
Who is the author’s intended audience?
What information does the article present?
How is the information organized?
How well has the author presented the information?
Has she answered any or all of the questions that you have about cyberspace?
Has she achieved her purpose for writing the article? Why or why not?

After reading “Where Is Cyberspace?” students will skim through the article and correct and/or verify the statements on the Anticipation Guide for “Where Is Cyberspace?”

Read for 30 minutes and record the following on your reading log:
Genre (fiction or nonfiction)
Reading level
Actual pages read (example 21-47)
Minutes read
One-sentence summary

Night Write:
Using the Night Write from Monday add 15 minutes more to the writing. Does this piece of writing look like you have written for 45 minutes?

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