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April 22, 2006
Monday, April 24

Literature – pg. 758-761

Warm Up:
List 3 sets of technical directions you have used in the past month.

Activity 1:
Technical Directions:
• Will include words and phrases that are unfamiliar to the reader
• Terms should be explained in the text or illustrated in the diagram
• Important to read through all of the directions to define any confusing terms and clarify any unclear steps before trying to follow the directions

Activity 2:
Students will follow the following step-by-step directions for making a paper cup:
1. Fold a square piece of paper into a triangle.
2. Place the folded side of the triangle closest to you.
3. Fold the left corner to the middle of the opposite side.
4. Fold the right corner in the same manner to the opposite side.
5. Fold the top flap down on the folded side.
6. Fold the other top flap down on the other side.
7. You should have a paper cup.

Activity 3:
Students will read the top half of page 758 to answer, “What’s in it for me,” with regard to technical directions.

Activity 4:
Students will read the bottom half of page 758 to be able to describe the 4 steps in the process of understanding directions.

Activity 5:
Since students will encounter technical directions when they purchase new products, they must be able to follow the directions for operation and assembly. Students will read the technical directions on page 759 and answer the following:
• List the features of the Alarm Chronograph Timer.
• Why is it important to follow the directions in the correct order?
• List the tasks of button A.
• List the tasks of button B.
• How are these technical directions organized?

Night Write:
Write the directions to setting your alarm clock.

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