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May 10, 2006
Thursday, May 11

Literature pg. 666-671
handout with the lesson plans/questions that appear on this blog for today

Warm Up:
What is the difference between prejudice and suspicion?

Read for 30 minutes and record the following on their reading on your reading log
Night Write:
If you were a resident on Maple Street, how would you have responded to the strange events?

Activity 1:
Review a summary of the play: Hysteria is caused by the community’s prejudice and suspension.
Explain that the narrator’s speech is the one that Rod Serling used to introduce each episode of The Twilight Zone.” Read this paragraph aloud to the students.

Activity 2:
Review the importance of stage directions when reading a play. Students are to reread the stage directions silently on pg. 667 to identify the kinds of directions the stage directions contain.
What is the fifth dimension?
The fifth dimension is the dimension of the imagination.

Activity 3:
Students are to reread the 1st bracketed section on pg. 668 to describe the setting. Why do you think Rod Serling chose this kind of place for the setting of the story?

Prediction: Will the people be able to continue their ordinary lives after the flash in the sky? List the evidence used in determining this prediction.

Activity 4:
Students are to reread the bracketed stage directions on pg. 668 to determine what is happening to the people mentioned in the stage directions.

Activity 5:
Students are to read pg. 668 silently to answer the following:
Do you think the events described in the stage directions are included to move the action forward or to hint that something strange is happening? Explain.

Activity 6:
What is the exposition in the elements of fiction? Students will read pg. 669 silently and answer the following:
How does the playwright use dialogue as the exposition?
What is the inciting incident of the play?
What function does the dialogue serve in the plot? (Read the bracketed passage.)
What strange event occurs just before Maple Street loses electricity?

Activity 7:
3 students will be selected to read the parts of Steve, Tommy, and Charlie. Students are to follow along and answer: What opposing force is introduced here?
Predict what kind of conflicts might result from the threat of an alien presence.
How does a conflict relate to the plot?

Activity 8:
Remember: Foreshadowing gives readers clues about events to come in a literary work.
Students are to read the 1st eight lines on pg. 671. What might these lines foreshadow?
How do Tommy’s words intensify the uneasiness people are feeling?
Identify the element of the plot this text contains.
Rising action

Have students guide a student recorder through the completion of a plot diagram using information read in this play. Use chart paper on the easel to complete this activity.

Students are to read pg. 671 and answer the following:
What does Tommy tell Steve, Don, and Charlie?

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