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August 16, 2006
Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Directions For the Sun Mandala

Directions For the Sun Mandala
The sun mandala chart can be found in this file.

Warm Up:
Quickwrites – My Life

Activity 1:
To fill out the 2nd column, students need to express the single characteristic or quality that represents the underlying reason for each choice and place that “quality” word in the 2nd column in the chart. This activity will require thinking. Using a dictionary, a thesaurus, or each other will be beneficial in finding the most appropriate. A lot of discussion needs to occur at this point, so students can help each other select words with the right nuances and connotations. Students may find that another student has selected the same animal; however, their reasons for that selection are very different. One student may be like a lion because of its strength, another because of its voraciousness.

Activity 2:
After the completion of the 2nd column, students are ready to move to the idea of opposites. At this point students are asked to move outward, or sun images, to the inward aspects of their lives and generate a shadow image for each of the 7 categories that will make up the mandala.

Students are to look at the quality they wrote to their animal image. Using a thesaurus as a guide, students should fill in line 1 in the 3rd column with an antonym of the word used in the 2nd column. Make sure that these two words are the same part of speech. For example, if their sun quality is intense, for the panther, their shadow quality might be lethargic rather than lethargic.
Students write the name of an object that is most like (has the quality of) the adjective written in the 3rd column. For example, the word lethargic might have been written in the 3rd column. Now the student thinks of the most lethargic animal they know. This could be a cow. The word cow would be written in the 4th column.

Activity 3:
Students will write shadow sentences using a core sentence, such as “Inwardly, I am like a _______________________________________________ because

Activity 4:
Within the framework of a circle, using color and shape, but no words, students will draw or symbolize all of their sun images and all of their shadow images. These images may be arranged any way the student wants. Students may want to consider how they place things in relation to each other or consider only the way the colors and shapes look together. The artistry of the mandala is not important. Students are encouraged to use symbols, if they can not draw well. For example, a simple drawing of the footprint if a bear can stand for a bear. Students will discuss how to symbolize something they can not draw. During this activity students will need to consider relationships among the symbols (depicted by size, color, placement, interaction), deepening insights into the character.

Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book and complete an wntry on your reading log.
Write to Learn:
Finish the Sun-Mandala sentences for the 15 min. of Night Write.

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