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September 19, 2006
Friday, September 22, 2006

Materials: Reflection for Grammar Project Warm Up:
Students will read and complete the 2 items on the laminated sheet "On Being Asked to Select the Most Memorable Day in My Life" This activity should take students at least 10 minutes. Have students share their responses with the people at their table. These pieces of paper should be used to answer the questions from the reading in the chapter book. Therefore, students will be turning in 2 assignments on one sheet of paper.

Activity 1:
Students will read their chapter book for 30 minutes. Students will write 3 questions from the text they just read and answer them. Questions that are answered with one or two words (yes or no, etc.) will not count. Students are to give the page number where the answer to the question can be found. These papers will be collected.

Activity 2:
Students are to complete the Reflection for Grammar Project handout. Students should be reminded that specific details should be included in the answer to each item. The back of the sheet may be used for longer responses.

Night Write - Complete the Reflection for the Grammar Project handout and bring it to class on Monday.
Reading - Read a challenging chapter book for 30 min. and complete a reading log entry.

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