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October 04, 2006
Monday, October 9, 2006

The Wonders of Writing Notebook - pg. 33 and 57
Write Source - pg. 105-107,488
Guidelines and Checklist is a fabulous guide to the steps in writing a personal narrative.)

Warm Up:
Rambling Autobiography Quick write

Activity 1:
Students will use Word Expansion to discover the benefits of using a thesaurus as a resource in their writing.

Activity 2: (Review)
Using page 105 in Write Source as a model, make a sensory chart for your experience. Then write down words or phrases that describe events in your Quick List. Have students work with a partner to share each sensory chart to make sure that the information includes sensory details and also shows their feeling. Students should refer to page 488 in Write Source for addition help with using sensory details in writing.

Activity 3:
Using page 106 in Write Source as a model, review how to use dialogue effectively in a narrative. Plan to use dialogue in at least 3 places in your essay.
Using pg. 57 in The Wonders of Writing Notebook, review the rules for writing dialogue.

Activity 4: (Review)
Divide your papers into thirds, as you would a business letter.
Label the 3 areas Beginning, Middle, and Ending. Write the events (from you chronological list of 8 events)of your experience in the appropriate section. As you are reviewing your details, begin thinking about an attention grabbing beginning that starts in the middle of the action and an ending that helps the reader understand what the writer learned.

Activity 5: (Review)
Discuss the 3 ways to start your narrative using the examples on page 109. Write one of each kind described on page 109. Use Guidelines and Checklist for a guideline in writing the 1st paragraph. Share with a partner and get feedback on which is the most effective in getting the reader’s attention.

• Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book. Complete an entry on your reading log answering the 5 W's.
• Night Write:
Write one of each type of beginning paragraph for your narrative using one of the 3 examples on page 109, if you have not done so already.

Remember: the 1st draft of your beginning paragraph must be written in pencil on every other line.

Reading-Students are to read for 30 minutes and complete an entry on their reading log answering the 5 W's.
Night Write-Students are to complete the 3 beginning paragraphs for their narrative, if they have not already.

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