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October 10, 2006
Thursday, October 12, 2006

Write Source – pg. 112
Guidelines and Checklist
Outline for Writing a Personal Narrative
The site below gives models of essays written by students. is a fabulous guide to the steps in writing a personal narrative.)

Warm Up:
While working on this personal narrative essay so far, I realized…

Activity 1:
Student volunteers share their beginning paragraph and their middle paragraph of their essay with the class. Then students share their work with the people at their table.

Activity 2:
Students need to understand that their ending paragraph must serve 2 purposes: conclude the narrative and explain what was learned. If students are having trouble thinking of their ending paragraph, read through the essay aloud. Think about all the ways this experience is important and how this experience has been a life changing event. Read and discuss the example of the ending paragraph Write Source pg. 112

Activity 3:
Students will write the rough draft of their ending paragraph for their essay.

Students are to read for 30 minutes and complete an entry on their reading log answering the 5 W’s.

Night Write:
Students must make sure the entire rough draft (5 paragraphs) for their personal narrative is completed according to Guidelines and Checklist.
The entire rough draft is due on Monday, October 16.

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