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October 04, 2006
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Warm Up:
Appetizers - pg. 8

Activity 1:
During the 30 minutes of silent reading today, students will focus on sensory details in their book. Students will need to jot down 5 sensory details included in their reading.

Activity 2:
Students will add any of the sensory details that would be appropriate to their personal narrative to their sensory chart. This chart was complete in class on Wednesday, October 4.

Activity 3:
Students will have an opportunity to ask any questions they might have so far in the writing of their personal narrative.

Students will read a challenging chapter book for 30 minutes and complete a reading log entry answering the 5 W's.
Night Write-
Students need to make sure they have 3 versions of their beginning paragraph double spaced, in pencil and cursive (if the paragraphs are not typed).

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