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November 08, 2006
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

If you have not submitted your narrative essay, please do so by class time on Friday.

Reading logs will be collected on Thursday, Nov. 9. Students will need to show 5 consecutive reading log entries between Wed., Nov. 1 and Wed., Nov. 8.

Point of View

Warm Up:
Name the 6 elements of a plot.
This paper will be collected for a grade.

Activity 1:
What is meant by point of view? Give examples from a situation in the class. Show Point of View.

Activity 2:
Working in table groups, students will complete a point of view chart including:
*Determine the conflict of the story, and write a question that includes this conflict.
Oliver Twist: Due to the recent "crime wave," do you think kids are being unfairly blamed? Why or why not?

Due to the survival of the fittest, do you think inhabitants of the jungle are unfairly killed. Why or why not?

For each entry on the point of view chart you must include the following characters- Rikki, Nag, Nagaina, Teddy, Karait, Darzee, Chua, Chuchundra
You must include the following personal information for each character with each entry -
Answer to question

*Describe the issue that caused the conflict from the antagonist's point of view. Describe the issue that caused the conflict from the protagonist's point of view.

Oliver Twist was accused the other day of taking Mr. Brownlow's wallet. Oliver tried to act as if he were chasing the criminal, when he really didn't take it. Artful Dodger was the real "criminalist" in the crime, not Oliver Twist.
Protagonist: Mr. Brownlow’s wallet is missing.

Night Write-
Complete a point of view chart with the following information:

Due to the decline in discipline and academic performance in school, do you think students should wear school uniforms? Why or why not?

Answer the question according to how you think the following people would respond:
Dr. Tyson
Mrs Abrams
Mrs. Jackson or Ms. Haag
One of your parents

Read your challenging chapter book for 30 minutes and complete a reading log entry answering the 5W's.

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