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November 17, 2006
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Book Chat Letter and Book List
Write Source pg. 292-294

Write Source Books have arrived and are in the school store.

The Dream Series books (the choices for the book chat) are available in the school store, several in my room, and 45 are available in the media center.

Warm Up:
Appetizers- pg. 19

Activity 1:
Discuss the contents of a Character Chart (Write Source pg. 292) and a Gathering Chart (Write Source pg. 293).

Activity 2:
Using the formula on pg. 294 in Write Source, students will write a focus statement that will be used in their response to literature essay.

Activity 3:
Students will review the details in their Gathering Chart. In planning the middle paragraphs of this essay, keep the following in mind:
*Decide on the best order for your events
*Add any events you feel necessary to explain your interpretation
Using your events, write a topic sentence for each of your middle paragraphs

As students read their book chat book, they are to be creating a Character Chart including at least 3 characters (Write Source pg. 292) and a Gathering Chart (Write Source pg. 293) of at least 3 of the key events. The events included in the Gathering Chart should show the reader's interest in the character and select details that show you (the reader) care about this story. These completed charts will be due Monday, December 4.

State Standards for the book chat unit:

ELA7R1.b.f Literary
The student demonstrates comprehension and shows evidence of a warranted and responsible explanation of a variety of literary and informational texts. The texts are of the quality and complexity illustrated by the Grade Seven reading list. For literary texts, the student identifies the characteristics of various genres and produces evidence of reading.

The student understands and acquires new vocabulary and uses it correctly in reading and writing.

Reading-Read your chapter book for 30 minutes and complete your reading log entry answering the 5 W's.
Night Write-Add information to your character and gathering charts.

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