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December 22, 2006
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Research Topics pg.1 of this file

Warm Up:
What is the purpose of research? Write 3 answers to this question.

Some of the responses may be:
o To see how academics relate to life
o To find answers; finding answers is not difficult once one has mastered some basic research techniques
o To learn more information about a topic
o To make an educated decision about a major purpose
o To write a paper or essay for class
o To prepare a talk or presentation
o To take part in a debate
o To take part in a class discussion
o To satisfy your curiosity

Reading - Students will read their chapter book for 30 minutes and complete an entry on their reading log answering the 5Ws.
Night Write - Resubmit the response to literature essay to the Prentice Hall site. Students must decide which topic will be the one they research.

Activity 1:
Students will go around the room giving and getting responses to the question, so that at the end of two minutes, each student will have a total of 6 responses to the initial question. Students are to return to their seats. As a class share 6 dynamite answers.

Activity 2:
Students will participate in a carousel brainstorming activity regarding the purpose of research, answering one of the following questions at each station:
How is research like mining?
How would you feel if you were a source for research and were never read?
What in research is both hidden and out in the open?
If you were a magazine, which would you be? Why?
How can research be both informative and confusing?
How is taking notes like photography?
If you were a research “tool,” what would you be? Why?
How is an encyclopedia both useful and inadequate?
How are note cards like a closet?

Activity 3:
Students will receive a choice of Research Topics pg.1 of this file
Students will select 4 topics they think might work for them. Each student will complete Works Cited pg.4 of this file
of this file identifying previous knowledge and interest in this specific topic. This activity shouold assist students in narrowing down their choice of topics to one.


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