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January 09, 2007
Friday, January 12, 2007

Warm Up:
After reading "Recipe for Success-How to Cook Up a Great Research Paper," write 10 steps for a writing a successful research paper that will apply to you as an individual.

Read for 30 minutes and complete an entry on your reading log.
Night Write
Students will need to complete the information on the resources they will be using for documentation in their research paper.

Report cards will be sent home today and will need to be signed and returned to the homeroom teacher.

Materials Needed For 1/16/07:
100 lined index cards 3x5
1 gal. zip loc bag
1 rubber band for the notecards or a sandwich bag

Activity 1:
Guide students through the importance of the following websites and files.

<Framework For Research

Information File:
Paraphrasing vs. Plagiariam pg. 11 of this file

Information File:
Gathering and Organizing Information pg.26 of this file

Information File:
Research Plan Made Simple pg. 25 of this file

Evaluating a Website

Tips on Searching

How do I take notes from sources?

How do I take research notes?
Students will be going to the media center. Mrs. Hendrix will guide the students in the completion of their resource handout and the framework outline handout.

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