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February 03, 2007
Monday, February 5, 2007

Great Source pg. 402, 403-403
Framework For Research
Expository Checklist
Revising Checklist

Warm Up:
Now that I have completed my 1st rough draft, I feel I have accomplished...

The concepts (elements of a research paper)I feel comfortable with are...

Reading- Read for 30 minutes and complete an entry on your reading log asnwering the 5Ws. Reading logs will be collected on Thursday. Students should have at least 5 consecutive days (2/1 - 2/8) of entries. Be sure to include the reading level.
Night Write- Complete the Revising Checklist

Activity 1:
Students will complete Framework For Research

Activity 2:
Several students from the class will share their ending paragraph to be analyzed according to the criteria in Great Source pg. 402.

Activity 3:
Students will begin analyzing their rough draft by using page 1 of Expository Checklist and then get with their writing buddy and complete Revising Checklist

Activity 4:
Students will work in table groups to complete a work cited page.

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