Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.

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February 20, 2007
Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Warm Up:
Get out all of your revising and editing handouts. Select the one that helped you the most. Explain why and how this revising/editing handout was beneficial to the "polishing" of your research paper.

Reading- Students will read for 30 minutes and add an entry to their reading log answering the 5Ws.
Writing- Students are to complete any unfinished parts of their research paper.
Research papers will begin to be submitted to e-rater on 2/16. Final due date for submission and turning in a printed copy of the paper is 2/22.

Activity 1:
Students will share their response to the warm up with the students at their table.

Activity 2:
Students will work on the typing their research paper. Their work cited page must be turned in today, if it has not been turned in already. By the end of class on 2/22 students should have:

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