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March 29, 2007
Monday, April 9, 2007

Warm Up:
Why is writing persuasively a popular type of writing?

Distribute Persuasion Is All Around You. Students are to find an example of a persuasive piece from the newspaper, television, radio, magazine, or billboards around town and be ready to report back to class tomorrow.

Reading logs will be collected on Friday, April 13 to update the number of books read and to check 4 consecutive days of reading entries 4/9-4/12.

Activity 1:
Post a chart with "Winter is the best season" written at the top. One column title will be "Agree" and the 2nd column title will be "Disagree." Distribute sticky notes, and ask students to write their names on the notes. Call students up to the chart to place their notes in the column that expresses their opinion.

Activity 2:
After everyone has had a chance to put their name on the chart, look at the results and discuss how people have different views about various topics and are entitled to their opinions. Give students a chance to share the reasons behind their choices.

Activity 3:
Once students have shared, explain that sometimes when you believe in something, you want others to believe in it also and you might try to get them to change their minds. Ask students the following question: “Does anyone know the word for trying to convince someone to change his or her mind about something?” "persuade"

Activity 4:
Students will play a game that will help them understand how persuasive arguments work.

Each table group will choose a recorder. The recorder's job is to write down the group's arguments.

Students will work together as a group for 15 to 20 minutes to come up with the best reason why the class should be able to select their own seats. Their reasons can be serious or playful.

Each group will present their arguments.

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