Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Book Chat Keynote Presentation

Here are the nuts and bolts of a book chat. Please feel free to mold it, change it, and make it your own.

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posted on: February 20, 2007

Responses From Authors to Student Essays

Student essays were posted to the blog, and the authors responded to them.

posted on: February 10, 2007

Book Chat Podcast

Mrs. Abrams' students worked diligently on this video podcast of the importance of Book Chats. This podcast features one of the authors the students met, read, and whose work they discussed! Simply click on the link below to download the book chat. Drop the file into iTunes. You can play the file in iTunes on a Mac or a Windows machine. If you have a video iPod, you can play this file on it!

Click Here to download the video podcast Book Chat 2006!

posted on: June 30, 2006

Thursday, November 10

Book Chat Book
Sticky notes/flags
Write Source – pg. 293

“Talking Points” for the book chat
Character Chart
Response to Literature Outline

“Talking Points” for the book chat
Response to Literature Outline

Warm Up:
What is a testimonial?

Activity 1:
Share examples of testimonials. Model the thinking of writing a testimonial. Students are to write a testimonial for their book chat book.

Activity 2:
Complete the Response to Literature Outline. You may refer to Write Source – pg. 293 for assistance.

Read for 30 minutes each night in a challenging chapter book. Students may read the book they selected for the book chat. Complete an entry on your reading log. The book chat book will need to be completed by 11/12.
Night Write:
All of the statements on the Book Chat Talking Points are to be completed and brought to the book chat.

posted on: November 09, 2005

Schedule for 11/14

The schedule for this fabulous day will be:
Students come back from Connections and go directly to the theater. Students will sit with their 3rd period class.
10:40-11:20 guest speaker Scott Blumenthal
11:25-12:17 3rd period
12:20-1:50 lunch 12:25-12:50 and 4th period Parents should meet us in the room at 12:50
1:55 - 3:03 5th period
3:05 - 4:15 6th period

posted on: November 07, 2005

Nuts and Bolts of the Book Chat

Book Chat Parent Letter and Talking Points will give you insight into the activities of this special learning experience.

posted on: October 21, 2005

Suggested Book Choices

These Summaries of Book Choices will assist you in the selection of the book for the book chat. There are 4 new titles that I will add to this site soon. All of these books are available in the school store for $10, or they may be checked out of the media center.

posted on: October 21, 2005

Talking Points

These Talking Points will provide a guide for the discussion during the book chat on 11/14.

posted on: October 21, 2005

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